Equine Consultancy

When buying a horse it's always good to have a second opinion but whom do you ask? Hopefully someone who knows and understands your needs, the type of horse you want, and who has the expertise needed to make an informed judgement of the horse.

As a rider, trainer, judge and lecturer in equine studies I can offer an unbiased opinion about the horse's suitability.

Selecting a horse for breeding can be a daunting process. I have managed a horse stud for more than 30 years and can assist in this complex task.

The service consists of an impartial inspection of the horse, followed by a detailed written report on:-

If you are selling a horse the report can be used as a selling tool giving the prospective buyer an insight into the horse's value. The report also demonstrates your desire to be open and honest with the prospective buyer.

Interstate and international buyers can receive impartial report and answers to any questions without the loss of time and money related to a personal inspection.